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Hi, I am Rajji, a qualified yoga coach specialises in kids and female yoga. I have been teaching Yoga& Meditation techniquessince 2017 and currently taking online classes. I offer both weekly sessions and short courses.

I spent my childhood in beautifulRishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun Hills of India. Inspired by the healthy lifestyle of my parents, I embarked on a journey to learn more about healthy living and peaceful mind. That path led me to my first yoga class in 2007, where I fell in love with Yoga. I moved to London for further education but my love for Yoga kept growingand never stopped.

Determined to help empower others through yoga, I began teaching in 2017 and has since taught workshops, retreats, and classes. My strong, dynamic flows help cultivate body awareness, empower others to embrace their unique gifts, and give students a deep understanding of their yoga practice.

Beyond the physical practice, I enjoy teaching ways to integrate the mind-body connection into daily life. Whether you are a curious beginner, a dedicated studentor a seasonalstudent,my breadth of knowledge carries depth for every learner. I strongly believe that yoga is not just a posing exercise but a combination of Asanas and deeper knowledge.

Being a full-time mom of 2 energetic young boys and a professional banker, I am absolutely dedicated to carry on my inwards journey towards Yoga and Meditation.

Are you ready to start yours?

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